The Bible has been exposed to all kinds of severe criticism and attacks from different people through out history .Indeed it is still the most read and the most popular book in the world.One of the most frequently asked questions regarding this Holy Book is:

Has the Bible, that the Christians have today, been altered from the Bible that God the Almighty gave, through His prophets and messengers?

First of all, let us start by clarifying the following:

When we talk about "The Bible" we mean both the Old and the New testaments.When we talk about the" Gospel" (Injeel in Arabic) we mean; that which God the Almighty inspired after the birth of Jesus Christ, glory be unto Him.

It goes without saying that the rumor of the Bible alteration is well spread particularly among Muslims .This idea is made up of a baseless theory that lacks logical, historical ,and spiritual evidences.


let us hypothetically say that the Bible has already been altered. This will lead us to two conclusions:

If the corruption had been completed before Islam , one would think that Koran would have mentioned it and warned the Muslims from believing the Bible that the people of the Book had at that time.On the contrary the Koran commanded absolute obedience and belief in the Bible .It is written in "Surat El Maidah" : "say,o' people of the book,you stand on nothing until you observe the Torah and the Gospel and what has now been sent down to you from your Lord"

A true Muslim is one who believes everything that has been sent down by the Almighty in the Bible at the time of Islam. Thus the preceding nullifies the theory of the Bible corruption before the coming of Islam.

It is well known that the religion of Islam appeared in the 6th century AC.At that time the Bible had already been translated into numerous languages, and spread through out the world. In order for the corruption to take place the following has had to happen:

Logically this is an impossible task !!


It is true that any theory would stand or fall on the historical foundation. Today we do have ‘Bible scrolls’ and ‘manuscripts’ that were written down way before the appearance of Islam, all of which are identical to the versions that we have in our hands today.

Examples of the whereabouts of some of these manuscripts:


As far as the spiritual evidence, we believe that the Bible is the word of God, and the Almighty is well able to protect His word from corruption. In the Torah, in Genesis, God commanded the Jews through Moses, the prophet, to obey and trust wholly in His word. In the New testament, in the book of Revelation, we find a stern warning stating:"... if any man shall add unto these things God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book, and if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the book of life."

In the Koran Surat Alhijr, we read : "Verily, it is we who have sent down this exhortation ,and most surely we are its guardian."

Dear friend, based on all the previously explained evidences, any man that says that the Bible has been corrupted or altered is in fact blaspheming, and indicating that the Almighty God is unable to guard and protect His Word. A true believer would stay away from accusing the Almighty of being unable, or incapable of keeping His Word from corruption.  Source: http://nafeza.com/corup.htm